Stephanie Sy

The body is your temple, keep it pure & clean for the soul to reside in. 




The Academy

For the Love of Dance - A Path of healthy habits & fun for kids

Her investment into the success of the next generation!

The creation of PŪR Academy came when clients asked for children’s dance classes. The intention of the programs created is to enrich, nurture, and develop children’s skills. Dance being a unique genre spanning both disciplines of physical education and performing arts, provides children 3+ the opportunity to learn about arts and athletics in a nurturing environment. The Academy programs develop self-expression, mindfulness, creativity, and self-discipline by incorporating full body coordination, musicality, and rhythm.

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High Performance Coaching

Stemming from her own competitive background in Professional Dance, Stephanie coaches high performance athletes in Figure Skating (singles & pairs), Ice Dance, and Synchronized Swimming to the top. Her coaching as part of an integral team of coaches has led to athletes gaining world recognition as Olympic World medalists.


Community Classes

Connecting locally and nationally

Stephanie shares a passion for mindful movement, sweating and connecting with like minded individuals. Join a community class and meet Stephanie!



Movement coaching for actors, live show productions and more.


Mindfulness & Its Impact

The desire to do good daily for yourself and others, comes from being mindful.  Learn ways to be more mindful and watch the evolution in yourself and social impact it brings upon others.


Dedicated to Mindful Movement.

Stephanie’s pedagogy is focused on creating a peaceful & calm mind so the physical bodies of each student can flourish stemming from their healthy mindset. At the very core of her teaching method is heart and being centered to it provides for a class that is both functional and mindful. Take a chance! Stephanie currently instructs all ages - kids can join the Academy, high performance athletes can connect for cross training coaching, and adults can drop-in to a community class.